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Automobile accidents when you are pregnant can be a terrifying thing. At this time in your life everything that you are exposing to yourself you are exposing to your unborn child. What you eat and drink affects your baby. This is the same when you get into an automobile accident. In the United States there are about 30,000 women who get into automobile accidents each year. It is important for them to understand the side effects of an automobile accident and the dangers it could cause the baby and yourself.

The mother’s automobile accident could be a simple rear end or a head-on collision. It does not matter what impact has occurred they could still be at risk for severe trauma to the unborn baby. Serious complications include premature birth, miscarriage, infant, death, birth defects, and high-risk pregnancy could happen in severe automobile accidents.

The most common side effect in an automobile accident is placental abruption. This can be dangerous for the mother and the baby. A placental abruption has symptoms such as bleeding, severe abdominal pain, and dizziness. It is very important the mother pays special attention to any symptoms that are occurring. The bleeding can be internal so you would not know unless symptoms occurred.

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