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Sex Crimes are some of the most horrendous offenses a person can do against another, no matter what age or gender. That’s why you’ll need the help of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Utah with expertise in Sex Crimes as soon as you’ve faced these allegations. Utah’s tight campaign against sexual offenders with rape charges, unlawful sex with a minor, child molestation and pornography, sexual assault, sexual abuse won’t let you get away with petty fines but with heavier, longer punishments. A Utah Sex Crime Attorney understands that your future freedom and reputation as a defendant will be at stake depending on the conclusion from the evidence, the victim’s profile, the degree and frequency of crime committed, and your conviction history. Don’t lose hope because the complaints against you do not equate to guiltiness. Learn your rights with the right team of Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in Utah to handle your legal matters. Rest assured, the result will turn into something positive for you. That’s why we at 247 Help Group bridges the gap between you and the professional Utah After-hours Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Salt Lake City School Board member arrested in child porn case

Salt Lake City School Board member arrested in child porn case

WEST JORDAN — A member of the Salt Lake City School District's Board of Education has been arrested and accused of possessing child pornography. Joel-Lehi Organista, 29, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Wednesday for investigation of eight counts of sexual...

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