Tiger on the loose in Houston

A Houston police official said Friday he thinks a Bengal tiger last seen on Sunday is still in Houston and has been passed around six to eight times from person to person.

“We’ve gone to a few locations here in Houston and we have not had any luck finding the tiger yet,” commander Ron Borza said.
The tiger was seen strolling in front of a Houston home Sunday before being put in an SUV and allegedly driven away by Victor Hugo Cuevas, who was out of jail on bail for an unrelated murder charge.
“I don’t know if he was just looking after the tiger or actually purchased it, because a lot of times when we’re going after people dealing in exotic animals, they start passing the animal from house to house with people that are involved in this trade,” Borza said.
Borza said Cuevas and his attorney have not been cooperating with police to find tiger.
Cuevas has a court hearing scheduled for Friday.
Elliott told reporters before the hearing, “I’m sure that we’ll get some questions answered today and a lot of things will probably become public knowledge that maybe weren’t known before. At the end of all of this, we hope to show that Victor Cuevas is not guilty of evading arrest and that the judge should not revoke his bond.”
The attorney added, “I think you will also learn and come to find out that Victor Cuevas loved this, you know, tiger, loves him very much and really wants desperately to try to find the tiger and get the tiger to a nice, safe home.”
Elliott and Cuevas said Cuevas is not the owner of the tiger, which they described as a 9-month-old male named “India.”

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