Teacher who disarmed student felt like angel was guiding her

The Idaho middle school teacher who confronted and disarmed a sixth-grade student during a shooting on Thursday told family afterward that she felt like there was an “angel on my shoulder that was telling me what to say and what to do,” her father told Fox News.

Dean Turnblom said his daughter Krista Gneiting sprang into action when she heard shots fired inside Rigby Middle School, where according to police a female student wounded three people after she pulled a handgun out of her backpack and opened fire.

Gneiting, an eighth-grade math teacher whose classroom is located about 20 to 30 feet from a door leading out of the school, “decided that since the shooting had sounded like it was down the hallway … to let her kids get out of the room and run out through that door and get out to the high school,” Turnblom told Fox News by phone on Friday.

“She says ‘and then you run to the high school as fast as you can and don’t stop or look back for nothing,’” Turnblom recalled from a conversation he had with Gneiting Thursday night, in which she walked him through the harrowing experience.

Turnblom said that Gneiting then spotted in a hallway one of the two students injured in the shooting and she attempted to pick him up and bring him to safety.

“When she did – she got blood all over her – she looked up and saw this girl standing across the hallway with the gun,” Turnblom said. “So she sat the boy down and told him to be quiet and to be still. And she started walking toward the girl, talking to her very calmly and telling her things would be OK, we just needed to stop and think things through a little bit and just tried to settle her down.”

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