Park City Utah Drug Crime Attorney

Being accused of a drug charge in Utah can be utterly terrifying. But don’t lose hope because there’s a 247 Legal Guardian app for you. In a few clicks, this app records all events during the arrest situation. We can also detect your location in 3 seconds while connecting you with a Utah After Hours Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Substantial evidence helps or breaks the case, and you cannot get arrested without it. However, there are circumstances where ‘probable cause’ and physical evidence within your vicinity can point to you. If out-of-frustration, confusion, and disbelief, any hostile behavior you display during the arrest will only add to the list against you. Having a experienced Utah Drug Crime Lawyer in your corner can be very helpful he also may have a copy of the recorded conversation from the 247 Legal Guardian app, and it can stand as valid evidence against false accusations in court. 

The penalties vary from class misdemeanors to felony charges and jail time due to repeated offenses. No need to worry, the 247 Help Group is here to find the best Drug Crime Attorney in Utah and a solution to your situation. 

Call the 247 Help Group at 801-208-9514 24hrs a day!

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