Family is awarded $1.8 million after their son died while in police custody

A California family was awarded nearly $1.8 million after an Anaheim jury ruled that police officers were primarily responsible for the death of a 35-year-old man in 2018.

Christopher Eisinger died in March 2018 in an encounter with officers from the Anaheim Police Department. The officers were responding to a report of an auto burglary when officers said Eisinger attempted to open the side gate of a nearby residence, leading to a pursuit, according to a report from the Orange County District Attorney’s office.
Body camera footage from the evening shows multiple officers chasing Eisinger, before pinning him down while Eisinger struggles. In the footage, Eisinger can be heard saying “just shoot me” after an officer says, “stop resisting.”
Around five minutes into the video, Eisinger became quiet and then unresponsive, and officers called for paramedics, according to the district attorney’s office. Paramedics arrived five minutes later and began CPR on Eisinger, whose pulse returned a minute after CPR was started, the report says.
Eisinger was admitted to West Anaheim Medical Center in critical condition and was later transferred to Hoag Hospital “due to the deteriorating condition of his health,” the report says. Eisinger died on March 10, eight days after the incident.
Annee Della Donna, an attorney representing Eisinger’s mother Katrina, told CNN that Eisinger had a history of mental illness and was seeking rehabilitation for addiction.
On Thursday, an Anaheim jury awarded $2,275,000 to Eisinger’s family, which will be reduced to about $1.8 million because the panel determined that officers were 78% responsible for Eisinger’s death, Della Donna said.
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