Auto Accidents and Pregnancy Complications

If you have been in a “low-impact” accident that has little or no physical damage to the vehicle and are pregnant you need to seek medical attention immediately. An insurance company views a “low-impact” accident as striking the other vehicle at 15 miles per hour. In this case they believe that the individuals in the vehicle cannot get injured. Simply this is not the case for pregnant women. Minor trauma can still cause placental abruption, premature labor, emergency caesarian section, bleeding, or birth defects. Symptoms to look for are: vaginal bleeding, headaches, dizziness, fainting,stomach pain,swelling in the hands and face, pain during urination, early contractions, and decreased fetal movement.

It does not matter what trimester you are in during your pregnancy. Placental abruption is the most common in minor trauma accidents but can be the most dangerous for you and your unborn child causing internal bleeding.  Even if you were wearing your seatbelt properly, which is across your pelvis you could still be injured and not know it. It is best to seek medical attention for the benefit of you and your baby. If you need further assistance in legal advice for a “low-impact” auto accident while you were pregnant we can help. We will get you what you deserve, we can contact you with a personal injury attorney after hours.

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