Deep Plane Facelift- Dr Grant Fairbanks

Dr Grant Fairbanks, served as Chairman of Plastic Surgery at the University of Cincinnati before returning to Utah to enter private practice,  he was mentored by his father Avard T Fairbanks a internationally known for his painting and sculptures both have one thing in common the search for excellence. Dr Grant Fairbanks performs the most advanced and comprehensive deep plane facelift, providing natural look with a  astounding result. For patients and physicians who are familiar with the variety of techniques used worldwide, they understand that this technique cannot be surpassed. Using an advanced deep plane release, Dr Fairbanks is able to more comprehensively and naturally rejuvenate the face. Dr Fairbanks understands the anatomy of the face better than most in the country. Dr. Fairbanks combines Art with Medicine in the form of Plastic Surgery. He believes that Plastic Surgery is the finest of the Fine Arts.

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